Maccheroni with pesto and crunchy bacon
Tagliatelle with truffle cream, sirloin and mushrooms
Coffee Pudding
Pork sirloin
Hake with risotto
Sea bass with fried egg and potatoes
Hake with juice of peas
Duck à l’orange
Chicken, caramelized onion, cheddar and barbecue
Swordfish carpaccio with ling roe, paprika, sunflower seeds and lime.
Ingot-shaped lamb served with sauteed dried fruits, hummus and ras al hanout mayonnaise
Similar to focaccia with tomatoes, tuna and peppers, dried-cured sea bass and pickled vegetables
Fish of the day on sauteed vegetables
Hamburger, cheddar, fried egg and caramelized onion
Beef entrecote maturing 30 days
Homemade cheesecake
Hummus, salted and pickles
Entrecote 300-350 gr.
Salad with gulas, feta and tomatoes
Honey rice with small octopus and artichokes
Salmon with coconut and ginger soup with vegetables
Honey rice with ribs
Noodles with roquefort sauce and mushrooms
Guao Bao
Thai prawns
Coffee flan with caramel and homemade cream
Baby spinach salad, crispy bacon, mushrooms, quail egg and honey and mustard vinaigrette
Salad with salmon, feta and orange vinaigrette
Carpaccio of veal, parmesan, pips and capers
Patatas Bravas
Oyster ceviche
Mullaoret of Valencian tomato
Egg, potato, crunchy ham and artichoke
Russian salad
Homemade croquettes
Huevos Rotos XXL
Strawberries with cream
Venison burrito with capers and sweet chili
Duck cannelloni with vegetables and local tomato jam
Sea Bass tartare with tender onion, mustard, sweet chili and pickled vegetables
Handmade coca with Titaina, mojama, hard boiled egg and radish
Orange curd, pumpkin mousse, chocolate ice cream and caramelized almonds
Maccheroni alla arrabbiata
Black rice
Honey Rice
Chicken with vegetables
Salmon with vegetables
Typical flan with lemon curd and crunchy almond
Chocolate mousse
Flammam Gastrobar